Sparta Technologies is reinforcing industry expertise, expanding to full life-cycle IT services and focusing on GCC and LEVANT markets where Sparta Technologies can be among the top IT service providers.

With our expertise and knowledge, Sparta Technologies is committed to develop enterprises and society through information technology towards a better functioning future. At Sparta Technologies, we combine subject-matter industry knowledge and the best available technologies into solutions that best serve our clients in their specific business and market contexts.

Sparta Technologies’ deep understanding of the Banking, financial and government sectors, their ecosystems, business processes and corporate culture makes us an indispensable partner for our clients. Sparta Technologies is expanding IT services to encompass the full life-cycle, by which we aim to become the preferred IT transformation partner for our clients.

Our strategic key tenets are:

  • Expanding to provide full life-cycle IT services
    Investments in Consulting and System Integration capabilities.
  • Reinforcing industry expertise
    Building on our long customer relationships and customer core process understanding.
  • Focusing on markets where we can be in among the top IT service providers
    Building on our strengths in Saudi Arabia and the GCC and developing our business in new market areas