In today’s hyper-connected world, data is increasing exponentially in volume and is getting more complex in nature. With a wealth of experience in analytics, and with its neutral stand toward IT infrastructure and tools, along with strong global business intelligence solutions development and deployment capability, Sparta Technologies can help you unlock the business value from your Big Data.

Sparta Technologies defines three layers for its Big Data solutions.

  • Big Data Platform: Engine for processing huge amounts of data in diverse formats.
  • Analytics Software: Libraries equipped with high-level data analysis functions and data mining packages.
  • Analytics Consulting: Frameworks and design best practices to offer solutions for each operation challenge.

With solutions covering all these three layers, Sparta Technologies offers total Big Data analytics solutions, which help clients, secure new insights and create value from their data.

Sparta Technologies’ BI methodology leverages the expertise acquired from many business intelligence consulting cases globally. Our data scientists across the world have a proven track record that spans a wide variety of sectors, with a special focus on financial services, and the public sector.