The banking and financial services sector, despite their prowess and wide success, still need to deal with pressing issues that dims its achievements. Transformations, compliance regulations, globalization, rising customer understanding and expectations, wide regional spread, politico-economic flux, and among all, the need to monitor workforce efficiency locked in years of preset mindsets need to be addressed.

The challenge of maintaining a competitive edge among all these has made it vital for managers at all levels to have a seamless access to accurate, consistent, and complete data throughout the organization in near real-time.

Managers at financial institutions are now expected to leverage the right data to maximize customer interaction and satisfaction. The management has a major need to demonstrate that it is in control of workflow processes, and process and workforce efficiencies in different areas.

With a well deployed business intelligence solution you can streamline all processes and make all levels of your organization preemptive in capacity and accountable in near real-time in responsibility.

A standardized BI environment through its intuitive to use tools and user interface separates the non-technical user from the underlying technologies and complexities through a semantic user interface.

Sparta Technologies offers BI Consultancy, Training, and Support and Implementation through different Business Intelligence products and solutions.

Our solutions can help your banking and financial operations through:

  • Enterprise Data Integration in Financial Services.
  • Consultants and analysts can reduce many types of errors in financial data – permanently, thus reducing workloads, bringing better decisions, and keeping officers and directors out of trouble under different regulatory acts.
  • Using information availability to solve the much troubling “Time is Money” challenge in financial services.
  • Better data disaster recovery management
  • Protect more data and eliminate the high cost of planned downtime
  • Significantly reduce errors in systems for Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting
  • Automated information capture can provide improved customer care by increasing the speed and accuracy with which customer information is processed by financial institutions.
  • Using analytics for customer profitability analysis in competitive banking
  • Gain risk and compliance insight
  • Meet regulatory demands:
    • Identify, analyze, and report on operational and credit risk indicators
    • Produce anti-money laundering reports and match against government interdiction lists
  • Financial Reporting and Planning Insight, allows and banks and financial institutions to:
    • Access historical financial information and model the balance sheet to plan for the future
    • Control incentive compensation management
    • Create detailed budgets & complete true cash flow planning for the institution
  • Customer Insight: Unlock your customer information to grow sales:
    • Identify cross-sell, up-sell opportunities
    • Profile and segment profitable clients
    • Report branch sales by area, region, or branch
    • Obtain seller compliance with company policies
    • Provide large-scale self-service reporting solutions for external agents and clients
  • Operational Insight: Improve efficiencies by creating:
    • Core banking transaction reports and analysis
    • Teller end-of-day balance reports
    • Portfolio statements to private clients
    • Trading settlement reconciliation and exception reports
    • HR compensation reports
    • IT cost-center allocation reports