Sparta Technologies provides a broad, deep spectrum of technology services to help organizations translate their strategic business agendas into IT initiatives and solutions that measurably improve performance.

We offer IT services and technology consulting solutions tailored to your critical business challenges.

Clients are demanding more every day. Markets opportunities are vast. Aggressive competition is everywhere. Shareholders insist that costs stay low. New regulations keep on arising. Throughout, technology continually changes the rules of competition in significant ways. Tablets. In-memory computing. Cloud. Smartphones. Where were these just a few years ago?

Businesses are now up against tougher, more complicated problems that cannot be solved by applying yesterday’s thinking. They have less of a chance to try something new because of the higher costs associated with modernization. Risks are intensifying and assumptions are rapidly losing their validity.

The nature and pace of today’s economies require our clients to be bolder and faster. A more imaginative and flexible business will succeed, now and into the future.

To do this, our client needs an ally that personally understands the dynamics of the marketplace and the interplay of technology forces. Our client needs someone who will collaborate closely with them instead of being bossy.

We are that very different kind of technology provider.

Sparta Technologies team members have decades of experience in building and operating mission-critical systems for financial services clients. We can help financial services institutions reduce the total cost of ownership of IT, meet rigorous regulatory and risk management standards and quickly integrate innovative technologies such as cloud, Big Data and mobile applications.

Why Sparta Technologies?

With our services and solutions, you can:

  • Realize more value from your existing IT and operational investments.
  • Achieve new economies of scale through revision of IT architectures, operating models and governance.
  • Address the change processes that are impacting the sector and build an integrated vision of security: business continuity, governance and process certification.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, meet rigorous regulatory and risk management standards, and create the flexibility you need to quickly integrate processes, applications, and data with newly acquired entities.