Transforming public services to achieve more for less

Governments and the public sector are undergoing transformational change. Increased pressure as a result of huge budgetary constraints demands radical changes to delivery models. Technology trends, demographics and economic conditions are all driving greater expectations from citizens and enterprises alike around access to data, state involvement in service provision and self-service.

The move to a digital economy brings further challenges. High priority must be given to security between government departments and between governments and citizens or enterprises for transferring and storing data. Within this landscape, unprecedented head-count reductions mean that fewer public servants are delivering more and more services, while new technology, such as mobility solutions, is a driving force for cost savings and efficiency that cannot be ignored.

How Sparta Technologies help Governments overcome these challenges?

In order to provide superior information technology solutions and services to all stake holders, Sparta Technologies partners with governments and their respective agencies to offer ICT-based solutions. Our solutions promote efficiency, transparency and policy effectiveness, enabling smart control in areas that matter most to citizens and consumers. Our domain knowledge and expertise in the Government sector facilitates the merging of functional and technical knowledge to provide quality solutions. Our offerings include consulting, systems integration and IT outsourcing services.

Why Sparta Technologies?

With Sparta Technologies’ solutions for the public sector, you can:

  • Optimize performance and save costs through improved business processes, the exploitation of information systems and innovative technical solutions.
  • Deliver projects and programs in-time, according to budget and in conformity with government policy.
  • Improve the efficiency of ICT and corporate functions to support the effective delivery of front-line services.
  • Introduce new ways of working which challenge traditional service delivery models and deliver better services for less cost.
  • Assess and exploit Cloud-based platforms.
  • Support projects and business change initiatives with highly specialized consultants, contractors and interim managers.
  • Meet challenges for innovation and respond to the increasing pace of technological change.