As a result of technology advancement that allows even very low level behaviors to be tracked online, every major business has mountains of data nowadays. However, few businesses know how to pinpoint opportunities in the mountains of data in multiple silos, and how to glean insight from every purchase, Tweet or customer care interaction. What separates winners from the pack is how much value they extract from that data.

Supported by a proven delivery excellence framework, Sparta Technologies helps clients unlock business value in various industries and lines of business, such as retail, insurance, supply chain, CRM and HR.

From strategy consulting to implementation and support, our cost-effective Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management services give you a solid understanding of your business, enabling you to make more insightful business decisions, take bold action and execute quickly. Whether optimizing operational and financial performance, building strategic plans, creating innovative ways to connect with your clients, assessing and mitigating enterprise risk or managing compliance, Sparta Technologies has proven services and solutions that can help your organization establish and maintain a competitive advantage. With Sparta Technologies, you gain the diverse skill sets your organization needs to support integrated performance management and compliance solutions.

Sparta Technologies has a proven track record in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence. We are a Business Intelligent Company and we cater to the needs of our valued clients across various industries and verticals. Our Business Intelligence Services are targeted towards our clients' current and projected future needs, providing quality solutions that are built on standard technologies. Our services benefit our clients and partners, helping them to be more efficient and productive. This is achieved by revamping data using various Business Intelligence tools to functional information. We have consigned a large count of businesses, providing Business Intelligence solutions and we have our constantly fine-tuning in-house Business Intelligence Analysts who have addressed a number of challenges which are confronted by companies today.

We harness superior skills and experiences in developing new workflows and redesign existing business processes to improve the competitive edge.