It is said that 90% of information is in the form of unstructured data: pictures, documents, videos, etc. At Sparta Technologies we take care of both structured and unstructured data, and we turn data, regardless of it form, into valuable knowledge in an organized, analyzable format.

Information, in its multi-forms, including: data, documents, e-mails, Web pages, wikis, blogs, pictures, audios and videos, keeps growing up. In fact, we have become far more proficient at generating information than we are at managing it. But, how far are we from generating sound decisions based on available information. The fact remains, that despite the availability of abundant information, still key information is often unnoticed.

What can you expect from Sparta Technologies?

We provide enterprise solutions to your information demands combining subject-matter expertise for specific sectors with business intelligence.

We help you manage the lifecycle and governance of your information:

  • Understand and visualize the data you have.
  • Analyze and decide on what you need to keep.
  • Discard what you do not need.
  • Manage what you decide to keep
  • Locate quickly the information you need.

We also can help you utilize your key information assets by transforming them from information to knowledge in order to drive sound business decisions, improve client satisfaction and increase productivity.

What do we provide?

Our starting point is always the client. We listen to client’s needs and act upon them. When planning for and architecting our solutions, we start with client requirements and end-up delivering what the client needs with an eye on a positive Return on Investment (RoI) for his business.

Sparta Technologies provides all services starting from consultancy on specific issues through resolution of complex problems by establishing enterprise-wide programs for our clients. Sparta Technologies has delivered successful projects in the area of information management for clients within GCC and LEVANT.