IT services and business need to be co-aligned in order to provide the right IT infrastructure to reach goals with the right priority approach. Business Service Management (BSM) simplifies, standardizes and automates IT processes so that the client can manage business services efficiently across their lifecycle (across distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud-based resources). With BSM, the organization has the trusted information it needs, can prioritize work based on business critical services and can orchestrate workflow across the core IT management functions and measure the service level for the contract.

To secure this, a dynamic method is the key to monitor, manage, prioritize and report the state of the services based on business needs and IT responses. Incident management, release management, change management and asset management are some of the challenges your company can face. Sparta Technologies can help you during the service model design and CMDB modeling, by implementing and managing software platforms, design hardware and software architecture and building custom solutions.