Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to a software-based approach to handle customer relationships. Businesses are built on relationships and it is very critical to ensure that your business has the right tools to be competitive; to encourage prospects, to monitor the effectiveness of the sales process, to enhance existing customer service levels, and to decrease churn.

That’s why our CRM implementation service offerings help our clients build optimized, cost-effective solutions and implementation roadmaps. But it is also why we take time to build the relationships that will enable and expedite easy adoption of "quick-start" or “plan and deploy” implementation strategies that help the people-side of the business realize the complete value of the processes inherent in CRM applications.

With proven financial industry and government focus, our experienced CRM software developers and CRM consultants can create a strategic and custom CRM solution for your business. A well-built CRM solution is critical to companies both large and small, to manage sales leads, accounts, orders, and case management. CRM software solutions help increase revenue by enabling better management and account growth with transparency and monitoring.

CRM Solutions

  • Business Process Assessment
  • Oracle Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications
  • Effective lead generation and tracking
  • Salesforce automation and management
  • Track sales leads and conversion rates
  • Automate the entire sales process
  • Improved customer service

Sparta Technologies offers customized CRM software development solutions on various CRM platforms. Our customized CRM applications are worthwhile tools for any business that can drive customer service by building additional clients and retaining existing clients.