An enterprise-wide security approach covers the end-to-end integration of physical, logical and ICT security, as well as guaranteeing compliance and continuity within core business processes and support activities. In order to support an integrated vision of security, aligned to business objectives and a risk-based security strategy, Sparta Technologies provides consultancy for both IT security strategy and day-to-day implementation, including:

  • Risk Management: Establishing risk management processes, standards and/or functions.
  • Security Governance: Setting directions, establishing standards and principles, and prioritizing investment.
  • Business Continuity: Developing relevant, comprehensive, coherent and tested business continuity plans (BCPs); developing BCP policies, standards, methodology and templates; mentoring, reviewing and consolidating existing BCPs; and ensuring coherence across departmental, organization and country level BCPs.
  • Security Infrastructures: Evaluating, designing, implementing and operating processes and solutions related to Secure Infrastructure Applications (identity and access management, audit and log management, data loss prevention, etc.) that are cross to the core enterprise businesses, and are enablers to reduce risks and enhance revenues.
  • Business Security and Fraud Management: Evaluating, designing and implementing processes and solutions in order to reduce risks associated with external/internal frauds or incidents that impact directly on business processes and revenues. Supporting clients in operational activities associated with incidents analysis and forensics investigations.
  • Security Operation Centre (SOC): Implementing infrastructure for preventive risk management by centralizing and monitoring all activities carried out for the security of IT systems and technological assets.
  • Enterprise Security Solutions Delivery: Realizing customized security projects using state-of-the-art software technologies and systems integration.